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Nes akivaizdu, jog jeigu jų nesieksime, niekada nė nepajusime, kad gyvenimas yra prasmingas. Iš tų pinigų nusipirkau kasetinį magnetofoną tuo metu tikrą aukštųjų technologijų naujieną. Vaikai mokosi planuoti savo laiką, kontroliuoti veiksmus, mokosi disciplinos, o paskui tai atsispindi ir jų gyvenime. Copy Report an error Pavel, you're just in time, Ed is making another apocalypse prediction and we're going to be studying the find in my lab in Denver later this week Pavel, tu esi laiku, Edas prognozuoja dar vieną apokalipsės prognozę ir vėliau šią savaitę tirsime radinį mano laboratorijoje Denveryje.

Šiandien facebooke privačia žinute gavau tokį wtf jie tikisi kad dumbai, tokius ilgus tekstus skaitys?

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Thanks for your intelligent understanding about this transaction. Now i need your cooperation and honest to claim this money because only someone from foreign country can stand as the beneficiary and the Banking law stipulates that any money lying unclaimed for six years will be transfer to federal government suspend account with central bank of ghana. Please netmums dating website need your assistance to achieve this great chance because i do not wish this money to be transfer to Central bank of ghana because it will be shared among the top directors,who are kaffir.

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No other person knows about this account or any thing concerning it, the account has pirmoji kova o pažintys other beneficiary and my investigation proved to me as well that the account is a secret account. But I don't know any foreigner, I am only contacting you as a foreigner because this money can not be approved to a local person here,but to a foreigner who has information about the account.

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I am revealing this to you with believe in God that you will never let me down in this business. I need your strong assurance that you will never let me down, I guarantee that this transaction will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law.

I will destroy all the old documents of this transaction immediately we receive this money leaving no trace to any place.

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I will use my position and influence to obtain all legal approvals for onward transfer of this money to your account with appropriate clearance from the relevant ministries and foreign exchange departments. Please i want you to be honest with me because this money is a golden opportunity to me and i do not want to loose it.

For the business to be effected i will need the following ii want information from you 1. Your Full Name: 3.

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Your Photography and Driving lincence With all these information i will successfully inputs your name in the necessary files and also insert your information into the bank central computer as the next of kin to the late depositor and the sole beneficiary of the unclaimed fund after the demise of the depositor.

Note that i need to insert your name into the bank central computer and a file will be opened in your name, so with these information i will definitely commence with the processing of the fund in your name,so that when you are contacting the bank your name will appear in the bank central computer as the next of kin to the late depositor.

I want you to handle this business offer with utmost confidentiality and keep it as top secret because my Bank must not know that i gave you this information. Furthermore after the whole processing of the fund in your name you will netmums dating website to contact the bank which i shall give you the contact information and the required proofs which you shall offer the bank as the heir and you will apply for the transfer of the fund to your bank account.

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After you might have applied for the release of the said fund and as soon as your letter reach the desk of the director an official and professional response will be given to your letter of applicationan official verification will be followed to screen your information contained in your application letter in the bank central computer and i assure you that your information will be met in the bank central computer as the next of kin,beneficiary netmums dating website claimant of the said fund.

As soon as you are been confirmed as the next of kinthe bank director will give you an official invitation to come down to ghana because there are valuable and vital governmental certificate and banking documents that require your xoxo dating website signature which you are to sign here in ghana originally as the beneficiary of the fund before the release of the fund could be effected.

In this case i will advise you to apply for the documents to be sent to you by courier service at your own cost meaning that you will have to pay the courier fee that netmums dating website be charged by the bank to enable the industry send you the documents due to your inability to come down to ghana to sign the documents. If this is agreed by you I want you to state it clearly in your reply.

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Immediately you apply for the documents to be sent to you by courier service the bank director will ask you to send the courier fee and as soon as you send the courier fee the whole documents will be sent to you by courier service and you will have these documents signed originally in accordance with the bank procedure after you finish to sign the documents the fund will be released to your account in the next 4 to 5 working days.

I will also go into partnership business with u if u care but i intend to go into REAL ESTATE and also i need you to promise me one this, after we get this money we both must use in our share to help the poor, I hope you understand me?.

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Note that your utmost confidentiality as regards this transaction is required. You are to keep it top secret and confidential matters for us to progress,achieve our aims and finally for security reason. Arba tai galima įvardinti bendrai kaip ir pasauline tendencija, kad žmonės stengis užsidirbti pinigų apgavysčių būdu, kaip antai: magnetinių ir amžinųjų variklių kūryba, energijos taupymo prietaisais, magnetiniais kuro molekulių gerintojais bei dar pliuosuojant prie to pačio visokio plauko sektas, šarlatanizmu aj be to, netmums dating website piramidėmis.